Caramelized Brussels Sprouts With Veggie Bacon


This rustic side dish recipe brings the best out of brussels sprouts by caramelizing and adding crispy SoyBoy organic tempeh Veggie Bacon. Hint: Try to keep the sprouts cut side down against the pan – they’ll brown better that way.

Servings: 6


  1. Use a large nonstick pan on medium heat to sauté 6 slices of veggie bacon in a little vegetable oil until nicely browned on both sides. Remove to a clean plate.
  2. Use a paring knife to trim the stem end of each brussels sprout (and remove some of the larger, looser leaves if you like) and cut each one in half, if small, or into quarters, if large, through the core.
  3. Once the bacon is out of the pan, add another splash of vegetable oil add the sliced brussels sprouts, turn the heat to medium-high and cook to brown and soften the sprouts, stirring occasionally. Add more oil if you need to as you’re cooking the sprouts and, once they’re tender, crisp and lightly browned, add the diced onions and continue to cook until the onions have softened and the sprouts are nicely caramelized.
  4. At that point, add a dollop of grainy Dijon mustard, add a small splash of apple cider vinegar, season to taste with salt and pepper, add the chopped veggie bacon, toss everything to combine and serve.

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