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The following are 100% gluten-free: SoyBoy Firm Tofu, SoyBoy Extra Firm Tofu, SoyBoy Smoked Tofu, SoyBoy Caribbean Tofu, SoyBoy Italian Tofu, SoyBoy Tofu Lin, SoyBoy Soy Tempeh, SoyBoy 5-Grain Tempeh, SoyBoy Not Dogs, SoyBoy Veggie Bacon.
We only use US-Canada-grown organic soybeans, and we’re committed to sourcing our ingredients as close to home as possible. In the last year we’ve used organic soybeans from the Finger Lakes region of New York (50 miles), Ontario, Canada (150 miles) and Eastern Michigan (260 miles). We try to buy as close to home as we can, but market and weather conditions sometimes mean going a little farther to get the high protein organic beans that we need. But our beans are always certified organic and have always come from trusted North American farms.
Our products are available at natural or health food stores, co-ops, or the natural food section of supermarkets. If you can’t find our tofu and tempeh products near you, you can download our request form to ask your favorite grocer to stock them. Several of our products are also available for purchase in bulk online at NY Style Deli.
Tempeh is kind of an amazing food. It’s made by adding a special Indonesian tempeh culture to our organic soybeans. It has a flavor wholly different from that of tofu,​ ​with a higher protein, fiber, and vitamin content.​ ​It may be easier to digest​ ​for some folks. Thanks to its firm texture and earthy flavor, Tempeh is often used as a meat substitute.
Tempeh is made by a natural culturing process that sometimes produces gray spots. Such spots do not indicate spoilage or lack of quality.
Yes, although you may notice that the texture changes slightly as a result of freezing.
It depends. If kept refrigerated, unopened SoyBoy products will remain edible for at least one week after the "sell-by" date code on the package. After raw tofu has been opened, you should place any unused portion in an airtight storage container and cover the tofu with fresh, cold water. Keep the unused tofu in water in the refrigerator, and change the water every day. Consume the unused portion within a week. Alternately, freeze unused raw tofu in an airtight container or plastic freezer storage bag, after draining the water. For baked, ready-to-eat tofu--or tempeh--the guidelines are the same---place the unused baked tofu or tempeh in an airtight container or freezer bag, and refrigerate for a week, or freeze indefinitely. When frozen, you can thaw and enjoy up to six months from the date on the package.
Every batch of SoyBoy Tofu is skillfully crafted to produce tofu that is superior to other brands. There are a few key differences.
1) Our Coagulants. We use a specially blended mixture of two natural, high-calcium coagulants: calcium chloride nigari (which adds sweetness while increasing protein), and calcium sulfate (which adds smoothness). Both coagulants are good sources of dietary calcium, a critical nutrient for strong bones and especially important for people who don't eat dairy. A serving of SoyBoy X-Firm Tofu contains 10% RDA of calcium.
2) More Protein. SoyBoy Tofu contains the highest percentage of organic soybeans in the industry, and a comparably priced package of SoyBoy tofu contains more ounces of tofu compared to the national brands. More organic soybeans means more protein.
To make natural hickory smoke flavor, hickory chips are heated to a temperature high enough so they begin to smoke, but not burn. The smoke is blown over cooling coils where it condenses into a liquid that can be filtered and bottled. This liquid smoke is a natural, vegan product with beneficial antibacterial and antioxidant properties.
Okara is a by-product of the tofu-making process. It consists of the non-soluble fiber that remains after the soy “milk” has been pressed out of our organic soybeans. At SoyBoy, we use some of our okara to make Okara Courage Burgers. The rest we share with local organic farmers as feed for their organic cows.
Yes, all SoyBoy products are kosher certified by Religious and Kitchen Supervision, Inc, whose symbol is the Tablet K.

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