SoyBoy Packs In More Plant-Based Protein

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Posted: December 8, 2017

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“Traditional tofu masters have a saying that there are two things they will not show another person; how to make babies and how to make tofu.”
– Uncle Bill Shurtleff, renowned author of “The Book of Tofu”

We can’t tell you all the secrets behind our tofu-making process. However, we are delighted to share with you this little nugget.

A Firm Focus

As you look through the organic tofu offerings on the SoyBoy website or in the grocery store, you might wonder why you don’t see any soft or silken tofu. Well, it’s not a fluke. We designed our product line consciously. Our goal has always been to make ever-better food products, and one way we’ve achieved that has been by packing more protein into each package of tofu.

What does that have to do with soft tofu? The way you fit more protein into your tofu is by using more organic soybeans and less water. Softer tofu, alternatively, contains fewer soybeans. The numbers say it all. SoyBoy tofu has more soybeans per square inch than most other brands of tofu. So, if you’re worried about getting enough protein from your vegan diet, count on SoyBoy to help you rack up those grams of plant-based goodness.

Complementary Coagulants

Stacking up the soybeans isn’t the only way to maximize the protein content of your tofu. In addition to using more organic soybeans, we also use a specially blended mixture of two natural, high-calcium coagulants. Calcium chloride nigari adds sweetness while increasing protein, and calcium sulfate adds smoothness. Both coagulants are good sources of dietary calcium, a critical nutrient for strong bones — especially important for people who don’t eat dairy.

SoyBoy Servings

Whether you’re an omnivore or an herbivore, it’s not uncommon to want to find foods high in protein. SoyBoy Tofu and Tempeh make it easy. We pack 11 grams of plant-based protein into each serving of our Extra Firm Organic Tofu. That’s 22% of the USDA recommended daily value for a 2,000-calorie diet and up to 40% more than most other brands. When you want an energizing snack or a meal to power you through your demanding schedule, all that protein makes a big difference.

A Protein Problem?

Anyone who’s been eating vegan for a while knows there’s an abundance of misinformation out there. Some of the confusion is due to a lack of knowledge, while other myths come to us courtesy of the meat and dairy lobbies. One common misconception is that vegans have a hard time getting sufficient protein to support a healthy lifestyle. While some people just don’t know about the abundant array of plant-based protein sources, others believe that there’s a problem with animal-based protein being “complete” and plant-based protein being “incomplete.” If you belong to that second camp, we have the best news!

Tofu to the Rescue!

While beans and nuts aren’t considered complete proteins – meaning they don’t contain all nine of the essential amino acids that the body can’t make on its own – there are several vegan foods that do. Among them is the humble soybean. That’s right, soybeans, and therefore tofu and tempeh, are complete proteins. You can count on tofu to provide the recommended daily portion of protein for your weight and lifestyle.

Any Questions?

The nutrition facts on each SoyBoy product page should give you all the stats you need to choose the type of tofu or tempeh that’s right for you. But if you have any questions about our products, ingredients, or processes, be sure to submit the Ask Dr. Tofu form at the bottom of our FAQ page.