GMO stands for "Genetically Modified Organisms." This is a relatively new technology, which has impacted food production since 1996. Many farmers use plants that have been genetically engineered to be more resistant to insect pest attacks, herbicides or pesticides.

However, there has been little long-term research to determine whether genetically modified plants are safe for people or animals to consume. And we still don't know what kind of impact genetically modified plants will have on the environment in the long run.

Because of this uncertainty, the USDA has prohibited the use of any GMO ingredient in products that are labeled either “Organic” or “Made With Organic Ingredients.”  This means that SoyBoy Organic Tofu, SoyBoy Organic Tempeh, and SoyBoy Baked Tofus are automatically certified by the USDA to be GMO-free. ORGANIC IS GMO-FREE.

In addition, since early 2008, we eliminated GMO ingredients in all our other products. This means that our SoyBoy Ravioli, Not Dogs, Breakfast Links, and Burgers have been GMO-free since that time.



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